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Rules Of Putri

Post by putri on Fri Jul 13, 2007 12:05 am

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Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad
Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad
Evil or Very Mad

These are the present forum rules

Any update or change will b notified here


Read forum rules below... Posting Rules

1.DO A SEARCH before posting any Application, Game, etc.,! Users who violate this Rule, and double post, will be given a WARNING!

2. Post all Mobile, PPC, Music, eBooks, Themes, etc., in their respective Forums.

3. Flamewars are strongly prohibited! Do not post offensive remarks to any member in a thread! If you see this happening then use the Report button . The offending member will be given a infraction!
Total 5 infractions with proper reasons from MODs will lead to atleast 7 days banning(upto lifelong) judging the intensity of the mischief

4. Always include the correct Title description with your new post! Include the Product name, version number, device name it's for, and model number. Very Important! If you are posting a new version of an application that is already posted, please make it clear to avoid getting trashed.

5. Threads also must have an Application or Game etc., description. If no they will be LOCKED!

6. Code tag ALL links! Do not leave LIVE, direct, connecting links! The two exceptions for this Rule are;
Links to unofficial Download sites such as Rapidshare, Megaupload etc.
Links to putri subforums, threads, posts etc.

7. A Screenshot is desirable! include it by taking screenshot urself.... Please do not link to the screenshots on official websites. Upload them on putri or any thirdparty upload sites, like

8. DON'T submit a post with only the words: thx, thanks, nice, etc, this is SPAM, and you'll be given a warning! Be constructive in your comments to the author & try to press
when u want to thank any encourages the poster

9. Use the Report button
to notify Mods/Admin of any DEAD link or suspicious content, expletives, or advertising posted in a thread!

10. Only FULL applications (with crack and/or serials) are to be posted.
(trial & freeware apps are easy to find)

12. Application names should not contain DOTS('.') in between makes impossible to find it through search...

13. Do not post Requests,Help in any forum except the Requests or Help Forum! Thread will be moved without any notice....

14. Only one Application per thread (Exception---same kind ones). This helps members find Media more easily when using the Search Engine

15. If a dupe thread is spotted, indicate under that thread the link to the existing topic and, press the Report button!

16. Try to post the latest Media available, and NOT old softwares!

17. Dont use native languages in posting....only english allowed....if not maintained thread will be trashed without any notice.

18. Any offtopic thing can only be discussed in talk zone....anything found elsewhere will be moved here without any notice...

19. Any link(Even if its not a live 1) to a site containing same things like Putri...will be deleted...& if seen by any member it should be reported by pressing button...

20. Any advertising things & personal assaults can lead to banning of the member from 3days upto be carefull....

21. Adult contents are not allowed in this forum...if found anywhere can be deleted without notice (after judging the level)

22. Always try to upload the softs in our server instead of giving link to file hosting sites...

23. Still no full movies or full songs or any media file not intended to mobiles is prohibited to post....

24. The reasons for trashing a thread are summed up here...

1. Advertising

2. Link to Putri alike sites

3. Useless thread

4. improperly descripted thread

5. Repost without any cause

6. Anything against any forum rules

7. Against forum's benefit

25. Do not manage Thanks for urself by means of other username or friends or allies......whenever any guilty will be found......serious action will be taken against him or her......whatever the post may be

26. Do not post your email address or phone number on the forum. If you want to give out your email address, PM to the concerned user. This is to protect you from spammers, since our site is open to everyone- including robots- to read.

Happy posting...

Thanking you....

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Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil
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